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All the work you’re putting into your Instagram accounts needs to be for something. So most of you will want to monetize your accounts in the best ways possible in order to maximize your profits. This is where this chapter comes into effect, giving you answers to the most common questions that arise when trying to do this:

  • What are my monetization options and what should I pick?
  • When should I start monetizing?
  • Is being an account manager a good idea?
  • How to find clients?

Whatever you decide on it’s a good idea to be prepared from the start. They all involve different tactics of growing and setting up your account and if you know what your end goal is from day 1 it will help tremendously in reaching the monetization point faster. One more thing you should be aware of from the start is: be reasonable! I know everyone wants to get rich fast, but growing and profiting off an Instagram account is not a get rich quick scheme. It will take time, energy and dedication and it won’t make you rich over-night. Yes, there are influencers making hundreds of thousands per post, but they didn’t reach that point in a couple of months, they have been doing this for a long time! This doesn’t mean you can’t get there, it means that you need to keep at it and don’t give up if this doesn’t reach your expectations in a few weeks. With this being said, let’s start the next lesson by seeing what your monetization options are.

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